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Pentagon Cancels Multi-Billion $ Boeing Missile Defense Program

Posted by Paul McLeary on

The Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle defends the U.S. against long-range ballistic missiles by destroying them while they are still in space.

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is canceling a multi-billion dollar contract with Boeing for a new ballistic missile interceptor, putting a stop to an effort that had been riddled with problems and drawn the ire of defense officials.

The decision by Michael Griffin, undersecretary for research and engineering, takes effect Thursday, and comes after Griffin slapped a stop work order on the program in May. 

“Ending the program was the responsible thing to do,” Griffin said in a statement. “Development programs sometimes encounter problems. After exercising due diligence, we decided the path we’re going down wouldn’t be fruitful, so we’re not going down that path anymore. This decision supports our efforts to gain full value from every future taxpayer dollar spent on defense.”

A spokesman for Griffin told me that the Pentagon “will initiate competition for a new, next-generation interceptor,” right away. 

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