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Raytheon Piles On Cyber, Electronic Warfare Protections

Posted by Colin Clark on

FARNBOROUGH: Raytheon keeps pushing cyber at its air show appearances, clearly convinced that the Pentad’s commitment to building cyber protection in every weapon system from airplanes, to missiles to, well, everything,

Opposite its impressive — and never before displayed — wall of missiles, the company’s largest display is a room equipped with two commercial drones and three video walls, all dedicated to demonstrating to customers what the company claims is its comprehensive approach to protecting them from the possible vulnerabilities of the vaunted Internet of Things.


Raytheon’s Wall Of Missiles

A small team at its 31,000 square foot Cyber Operations, Development and Evaluation (CODE) Center considers threats to all the company’s weapons, as well as any the Pentagon might flag to them, Chief Technology Officer Michael Daly told me as some co-workers prepared to demonstrate the ability to hack into and to protect a pair of drones. (See the video above.)

The demonstration made crystal clear how deeply intertwined Electronic Warfare is with cyber. One drone is hacked using radio waves to access it and then code is used to disable it. Code is rewritten and then broadcast using radio waves to protect the second drone from malicious code. It ain’t rocket science, but it dramatically illustrates how the two interact and often become difficult to distinguish one from the other.


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