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Lockheed Teams With Airbus, ELTA, Rafael For Israeli Contracts & US Cash

Posted by Arie Egozi on

Airbus photo

New restrictions on US aid to Israel is driving companies to seek American partners.

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Euro Tanker Program Plans To Expand

Posted by Theresa Hitchens on

Didier Plantecoste, head of the MRTT program at Airbus, says the allied tanker program is wooing new European customers in “the South.”

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With FCAS, French Air Force’s Renaissance Begins

Posted by Murielle Delaporte on

France’s Air Force imagines new and improved concepts of operations will flow from the Future Combat Aircraft System (FCAS).

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Use Allied Investments To Help Rebuild US Military

Posted by Robbin Laird on

The shift from slo mo — counterinsurgency operations — to high intensity combat is a major challenge for the US military and its allies. It is a culture shift, a procurement shift and an investment shift. But mobilization is even more important than modernization. To get ready for this shift, our weapons inventory needs to… Keep reading →

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