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Would Spies Command In A Space War? Dunford Says Maybe

Posted by Colin Clark on

Air Force photo

PENTAGON: If a spy satellite is attacked, who will command America’s response — the head of Strategic Command or the Director of National Intelligence? If an Air Force satellite is attacked first, who would command America’s response? These questions are being hotly — but very quietly –debated at the highest reaches of the U.S. government. Since an… Keep reading →

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What’s In A Name? Is Sikorsky’s S-97 A Helicopter?

Posted by Richard Whittle on WASHINGTON: When is a helicopter not a helicopter? The question arises because Sikorsky Aircraft’s new S-97 Raider got airborne for the first time the other day and company officials all but declared the dawn of a new age in aviation — or at least the birth of a new type of aircraft. “This was,… Keep reading →

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