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USS Little Rock, From Light to Guided Missile Cruiser: Lessons For The Littoral Combat Ship

Posted by Norman Friedman on

The Littoral Combat Ship has come under light fire from Congress because they worry especially about findings by operational testers that the ships cannot survive a firefight. Norman Friedman, a consultant at Gryphon Technologies with more than 30 military books to his name, argues in the following piece that critics need to consider that “change… Keep reading →

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Will Stealth Survive As Sensors Improve? F-35, Jammers At Stake

Posted by Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. on

[Corrected 9:35 pm with a note about the EC-130 Compass Call] Is stealth still America’s silver bullet? Or are potential adversaries’ radars getting too smart for US aircraft to keep hiding from them? That’s literally the trillion-dollar question, because the US military is investing massively in new stealth aircraft. At stake in this debate are… Keep reading →

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