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Whack Old Weapons, Rebuild the Army Or Fade From View

Posted by Robbin Laird on

In the new year, America’s power projection forces must be restructured and we must pursue a ruthless retirement of old weapons in favor of the new. Much of this can be paid for and modernized because of our withdrawal from Afghanistan, which costs $2 billion a week. Logistics costs in Afghanistan alone have diverted money… Keep reading →

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‘Can Do’ Must Replace ‘Give Me’ In US Politics

Posted by Joan Johnson-Freese on

My vote in the 2012 presidential election will go to the candidate who most resists pandering to the American electorate. I say “most resist,” as all candidates pander, but hopefully at least one of the presidential candidates will believe and act as if there should be a limit. Given the campaigns so far, perhaps there… Keep reading →

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Without Economic Changes, America Can’t Contain China

Posted by Loren Thompson on

The problem with military planners is that all they know is military stuff. The Pentagon may harbor some of the best strategists who ever gazed at a globe, but they seldom have much grasp of economics or demographics or cultural trends. So when a new threat arises, their natural inclination is to figure out how… Keep reading →

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Wake Up: America Can’t Afford Its Military

Posted by Doug Macgregor on

Through the last year the defense industries and their supporters in Congress worked overtime to ensure the federal government kept the armed forces in a perpetual procurement cycle. Inside the Pentagon, the generals and admirals who lead thedefense bureaucracies worked to minimize procurement costs. This was not altruistic behavior. It’s the only way to protect… Keep reading →

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Your Move, Beijing: Big Year Ahead for Chinese Navy

Posted by David Axe on

At a meeting in Beijing in December, Chinese president Hu Jintao had a powerful message for officials from the People’s Liberation Army Navy. “Prepare for war,” Hu said, using a Mandarin term — junshi douzheng — that means “conflict in general.” Amplified and misrepresented by the foreign media, Hu’s words echoed across Asia and the… Keep reading →

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What’s Likely in New Pentagon Strategy: 2 Theaters, Fewer Bases, A2AD

Posted by Mackenzie Eaglen on

The threat of a $500 billion defense sequestration looms as a result of the Super Committee failure – a prospect that Secretary Panetta has called “potentially ruinous.” Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Representative Howard “Buck” McKeon and some of his Senate colleagues have promised to introduce legislation to reverse the cuts. Meanwhile, the… Keep reading →

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