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Yukiya Amano

Two Alternatives To The Bad Iran Deal

Posted by Peter Huessy on

The July nuclear deal concedes far too much to Iran and will increase its capacity to terrorize the Middle East and American interests and allies there. There are at least two diplomatic alternatives to the July deal on Iranian nuclear activity. We can stick with the interim agreement — just extend it — which is… Keep reading →

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IAEA Chief Warns On Iran Nuke Inspections; ‘More Remains To Be Done:’ Exclusive

Posted by Michael Adler on

New Iranian president Hassan Rowhani

  VIENNA: The UN atomic watchdog will still have a hard time answering crucial questions about whether Iran seeks nuclear weapons despite winning better access for inspectors, the UN’s top inspector Yukiya Amano told Breaking Defense in an exclusive interview Monday at the agency’s headquarters here. Amano said the main problem going forward is that… Keep reading →

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IAEA Chief Cites Modest Iran Nuclear Progress; Official Report Due EXCLUSIVE

Posted by Michael Adler on

VIENNA: Iran has not significantly accelerated its nuclear program in recent months, UN nuclear chief Yukiya Amano told Breaking Defense. This could be a sign that Iran hopes to create favorable conditions for a deal with the United States, which wants the Islamic Republic to freeze its program at its current level and not add to its… Keep reading →

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