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Torrential Downpour Closes Farnborough

Posted by Colin Clark on

FARNBOROUGH: England is notorious for rain, but this is ridiculous. After tremendous rains far too heavy for furled black umbrellas, stiff upper lips, or for that matter safe operation of electrical systems — perhaps a divine retribution for Brexit? — UK authorities decided to close the massive Farnborough airshow for the remainder of the day.  We’ll continue our coverage when the show reopens Tuesday.

Reporters were treated to a newsworthy event all of its own after the enormous rains fell, remind Colin a bit of the wet season rains in Nairobi — or Miami… A disembodied voice wafted out of the press center’s speakers saying that organizers feared electrical problems due to the rain. Soft-spoken but persistent security people swept through the center prodding reluctant reporters to head out the door. It helped that the power had been cut so we had no WiFi.

It was a fateful day for many at the show. For much of the morning, show attendees were trapped in an alternative universe where we waited fora bus for more than an hour– during which not a a single one appeared –and then we encountered absolutely enormous and slow-moving security lines. My way through the Looking Glass land lasted just shy of three hours! And then they closed the show early. On to tomorrow!

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