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US Options For Syrian Operations: Institute for the Study of War

Posted by Colin Clark on

digitalglobe-syria-imageGiven all the talk in recent days about whether America should impose a No Fly Zone in Syria, I thought readers would find this presentation by the folks at the Institute for the Study of War a useful guide to what is possible and might work. Just click on the link below.

I’m sure Sen. John McCain’s staff will find this interesting. Feel free to dissect the assumptions and recommendations offered here. The more of us who chime in on this one, the mroe chances we have of influencing the White House and Pentagon planners and, thus, of getting it right.

For those who may not be familiar with the Institute for the Study of War, where the briefing author works, these folks pushed hard for the surge in Afghanistan. The institute is home to a number of the best military analysts outside of the Pentagon. Their unique focus on the actual business of waging war gives them a certain edge.

What do you think?