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Admire Unmanned Aircraft First Produced by Vietnam

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Military Institute of Science and Technology PK-KQ Force recently announced that it has successfully built an unmanned aircraft with outstanding combat features.

Technical Institute of Military Non-Air Force (PK-KQ) of the Air PK-KQ has developed and successfully tested an unmanned aircraft (MBKNL) high speed jet UAV-02 features War-engineering and technology manufacturing excellence, the target can fly the plane and the Su-30MK2 block size used for the purpose of military significant other.

Engineering Leadership Institute Military PK-KQ said: By their own capital, so far the hospital has been conducting research and testing regimes 5 unmanned aircraft in service training block size for Su-30MK2 aircraft . During the study, the sample UAV and UAV-02-01 was chosen for the test flight, the UAV-02 form which is kind of more advanced features.

With two jet engines, a wingspan of 2.8 m, 2.5 m length of the body, UAV-02 has features designed to fly cruise speed of 250 to 350 km / hour, operating radius 100 km, maximum altitude 8000 m; aircraft weighing 38 kg when fully loaded fuel, maximum uptime is 45 minutes. Both UAVs and UAV-02-01 can fly completely under the program automatically advances the commander. With the above technical-tactical, UAV-02 a perfect fit and meet the basic requirements in the training of PK-KQ Force today.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thanh Tinh, head of the Flight Research Institute target technique military UAV says PK-KQ-02 is the result of 15 years of continued research efforts, manufacturing vehicles in service work The training in military service. Products marked the progress of technology in aerodynamic design, structure and control, in particular like to work all the requirements for electronic warfare.

Being direct with the research and production of UAV-02 is the first, Captain, engineer Pham Dinh Hung said brother officers, hospital engineers have worked on it day and night for almost 6 month study to complete design and production, the cost savings are maximized, there are many details we have to change several times a UAV-02 has advantages since Vietnam so far.

In particular, the UAV-02 has solved 3 issues important technique, which is: The design and structural dynamics for aircraft subsonic speeds with the use of technology Carbon Materials Fiber, the adaptive control for flying vehicles have large fuel consumption and most importantly, in sync with combined sight and fire control on the Su-30MK2 aircraft.

Recently, the UAV-02 took off at the airport test Tho Xuan (Thanh Hoa) in flight with a synergistic collaboration plane Su30-923 MK2 Regiment, 371st Airborne Division troops. Soon in top flight First, the electronic weapons complexes and sight-guided missiles on Su-30MK2 aircraft was detected and adherence to goals UAV-02 … After completing the task, the UAV-02 has landed safe and ready for the next test flight times.

Pilot Captain Nguyen Van Hai, who direct fire control in flight tests have confirmed that the plane Su30-MK2 was detected as a UAV-02 fighter aircraft, radar is locked goals. Based on the results objectively decipher later flight, experts weapons aviation UAV-02 confirmed as eligible for the Su-30MK2 target block size chosen.

As known, the current Institute of Technology military is completing PK-KQ-03 UAV and UAV model-04 with new breakthroughs in technology such as independent control INS inertial navigation, cruise speed access Sound 0.85M, increasing flight times and operational radius, flight monitoring sea, islands … Success in research, manufacture UAV-02 further confirmed the results of the scientific research staff, Institute staff Technical Military PK-KQ in the production model aircraft, unmanned aircraft brand Vietnam to meet mission requirements and the development of PK-KQ Force and Army general in Vietnam new situation.

(Phunu Today)

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