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Ares to unveil Guarani personnel carrier with TORC30 remote controlled weapon station

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Ares is developing a new TORC30 remote controlled weapon station for Guarani wheeled armoured personnel carrier that will be unveiled at the most important event of security and defense in Latin American LAAD (Latin America Aerospace and Defense).

The Guarani wheeled armoured personnel carrier with TORC30 roof-mounted remote weapon station will be displayed at the LAAD Defense & Security exhibition in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, April 2017.

The TORC30 system allows remote operation of a Rheinmetall MK30-2 / ABM 30mm cannon, mounted on an armored vehicle, stabilized in direction and elevation with the vehicle in movement, observing and identifying land and air targets with the use of camera and monitor , and carrying out the aim and the arms firing from a remote control station inside the vehicle.


Cannon 30mm

  • Rheinmetall MK30-2/ABM
  • 2 magazines with a capacity of 150 shots and 50 shots respectively
  • Possible to use ABM ammunition for air targets

Machine Gun (forecast)

  • MAG 7.62mm
  • Magazine with a capacity of 500 shots


Optronic unit Shooter – Daytime Camera

  • Color CCD sensor
  • Optical Magnification >15X, continuous
  • Auto Focus
  • Cooled thermal sensor

Thermal Camera

  • Wavelengths from 3.6 to 4.8 microns
  • Magnification optical 10X, continuous
  • Image polarity reversal

Laser rangefinder

  • Class 1M (safe to view)
  • Central wavelength 1540 nm
  • Reach 20 km (best conditions)
  • Precision + 5m

Optronic unit commander (optional)

  • Similar Characteristics of the Shooter Optronic Unit

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