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AREX unveils ZRN-01 multiple rocket launching system at MSPO 2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

AREX Sp. z o.o., part of the Polish-based WB Group, has showcased a ZRN-01 multiple rocket launching system at the MSPO-2017 defence exhibition.

The ZRN-01 missile system is designed to protect facilities and concentration of force from unnamed aerial vehicles and to assist the Land Force. The ZRN-01 provides detection and destruction of ground targets such as infantry, light armoured vehicle and also light flying targets with low effective dispersion surface.

The ZRN-01 is a lightweight system that is based on a 6×6 STAR 265M2 truck chassis and is intended to have a high level of mobility. The launcher unit can accommodate two B8V20 pods of 20 80 mm rockets.

It is assumed that the launcher can fire the same family of Ukraine-made unguided 80 mm rockets as the RS-80P, which have maximum ranges of 7 km.

The RS-80 is a unguided rocket developed and manufactured by SJSHC “Artem”, part of the UkrOboronProm. New rockets caliber 80 mm are designed to destroy ground targets and are developed for attack helicopters and aircraft using regular starter units or special ground platform.

Photo by Rafał Ciechanowski
Photo by Rafał Ciechanowski

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