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Argentina approves $ 267M for Mirage-3 replacement program

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Argentina has already reserved money to replace the Mirage recently decommissioned.

By Presidential Decree 1775 issued on September 11 additional allocations for different subsections of the Government of Argentina among them is a party of about 267 million dollars for the acquisition of aircraft Supersonic II project are established.

Argentina continues to await the election of the aircraft that will replace the recently discharged from the Mirage family without glimpsing in the horizon many options, basically leaving the IAI Kfir as the only viable, but given the amount allocated to only reach a small batch aircraft, and this assuming no depreciation of the peso against the dollar in the next three years, which is more than obvious that happen, so now is a game of $ 267 million, to be allocated in pesos, in a few years it will be reduced.

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