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Aselsan awarded contract to supply standoff jamming aircraft to the Turkish Air Force

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Turkish Defence Industry Directorate (SSB) has awarded Aselsan a contract to supply modern Hava SOJ standoff jamming aircraft for the country’s Air Force.

The contract covers development and manufactures 4 Hava SOJ standoff jamming aircraft, according to a 9 August announcement by the SSB.

It is designed to detect and identify enemy communication systems and radars and to be jammed and deceived in order to ensure that these systems cannot be used against friendly platforms, especially in cross-border operations.

Aselsan is expected to deliver the first HAVASOJ aircraft to the Turkish Air Force in 2023.

The Hava SOJ is a modern radar electronic warfare system designed and manufactured by the Turkish Defense company Aselsan and installed on aboard of commercial aircraft.


  • Suppress enemy air defense surveillance during allied air force operation
  • Long range detecting and jamming capability
  • Critical mission system equipments, softwares and special
    algorithms are designed by ASELSAN.

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