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AUSA 2017: V-280 is bringing new capabilities to the warfighter

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Bell Helicopter seeks to revolutionize army operations with the V-280 Valor, just as it did 70 years earlier with the Huey in the Vietnam War. Designed to provide the speed, range, payload, agility, survivability and endurance needed by our troops today, the V-280 is bringing new capabilities to the warfighter with twice the speed and twice the range of today’s helicopters.

The V-280 is a clean sheet next-generation tiltrotor – applying lessons learned from nearly six decades of tiltrotor expertise to create groundbreaking simplicity and deliver transformational, affordable technology to alter the course of vertical flight. The Build of the V-280 prototype is 100% complete and on track for first flight this year.

Come see new tiltrotor innovations and the future of vertical lift at the Bell Helicopter booth at AUSA.

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