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Belarus developed new special chassis for missile systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Belarus’s Minsk Wheel Tractors Plant (MZKT Volat) has developed a new special wheeled chassis to carry missile weapon systems.

During the meeting of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus was unveiled a new generation of hull chassis is designed to carry short-range and medium-range surface-to-air missile systems.

As company representatives note the new 8×8 chassis is alternative for tracked chassis for mounting and transporting of modern and future air-defense systems on all kinds of roads and terrains.

The main advantages of new MZKT family of chassis are independent hydropneumatic suspension with adjustable clearance, onboard information-management system, possibility to locate all mobile components of complex on one basic chassis (launching-charging vehicle, self-propelled firing vehicle, target detection station, command post). Common base chassis allows to considerably simplify operation, maintenance, repair, reduces range of spare parts and number of maintenance staff.

The technical details of the new special chassis are kept secret. It is expected that the new special chassis will be showcased during the MILEX (International Defense and Military Equipment Exhibition) that will take place in 15 – 18 May at the Minsk-Arena in Minsk, Belarus.

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