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China showcases mobile laser weapon system at IDEX 2019

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Chinese company Poly Technologies took the opportunity at the IDEX 2019 exhibition in Abu Dhabi to showcase the latest version of its mobile laser weapon system.

The new weapon system, called the Silent Hunter, is an electrically powered fiber optic laser. According to Poly representatives, the modern laser weapon system has a maximum power that is between 30 and 100 kilowatts and a maximum range of four kilometers.

The SIlent Hunter designed to search, track, and destroy low-flying drones. Also, It can penetrate a target with an exterior as thick as five 2mm steel plates from 800 meters away or a single 5mm steel plate at 1000 meters.

Compared with traditional air defense weapons, Silent Hunter has the following characteristics: It is highly responsive; it features a high interception rate and multi-target strike capability, and can shift and aim at a new target within six seconds; it is cost-effective and consumes electricity only, with the cost of less than $1 per firing; it doesn’t use ammunition, so there is no need for ammunition transportation and storage; it has small collateral damages and doesn’t generate a lot of fragments.

Poly representatives claimed that the Silent Hunter was used to safe guard the September 2016 G-20 Summit in Hangzhou, China.

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