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China to unveil modern LW-30 laser weapon system at Zhuhai Airshow

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Chinese defense company has taken the opportunity at the Zhuhai Airshow or AirShow China 2018 exhibition to unveil a new LW-30 laser weapon system prototype. 

The LW-30 is a modern short-range precision laser inception weapon that designed for tracked and destroyed unmanned aerial vehicles, light aircraft and commercial drone.

LW-30 laser weapon system basically consists of a laser commanding and communicating vehicle, laser combating vehicle and support equipment. It can be used to strike photoelectric guidance equipment, UAV, aerospace aircraft models.

With a low cost per shot and an infinite magazine, LW-30 laser weapon system is effective over land, air and sea.

The truck-based system currently can destroy targets from up to 25 km away with an energy beam of up to 30 kilowatts.

The AirShow China 2018 exhibition is set to take place from 6–11 November.

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