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Combat readiness inspection launched in the Russian military base in Abkhazia

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Combat readiness inspection is launched in the Russian military base in Abkhazia, Georgia. Abkhazia is a partially recognised state controlled by a separatist government on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and the south-western flank of the Caucasus.

Abkhazia considers itself an independent state, called the Republic of Abkhazia or Aphsny. This status is recognised by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru and also by the partially recognised state of South Ossetia and the unrecognised Transnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh.

The inspection team will assess actions of the personnel in conditions of training alert, process of loading munitions and materials, preparation of armaments and military hardware for operation, performing marching aboard the standard vehicles to the concentration area.

All servicemen of the base and about 400 pieces of military hardware including T-90A tanks, BTR-82A APCs and BMP-3 IFVs are involved in the inspection.

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