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Cuba unveils new wheeled fire support vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Cuban President Army General Raúl Castro visited Empresa Militar Industrial Emilio Bárcenas Pier, where armoured vehicles for the Revolutionary Armed Forces and other means of transport are repaired and modernized.

During his visit was shown for the first time a new wheeled fire support vehicle based on the chassis and suspension of a BTR-60-series armoured personnel carrier (APC).

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The new vehicle fitted with an upgraded turret of the T-62 main battle tank and called the BTR-116. According to the current information, were produced approximately 10 new wheeled fire support vehicles.

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The BTR-116 has a modified hull and it is a radical and deep modernization of the BTR-60 APC. This fire support vehicle is effective against all APCs, IFVs, fortifications, and infantry. It can also engage medium tanks. Gun is loaded manually.

No further details on the BTR-116’s specifications have been adduced.

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