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Czech Army receives new T-815 heavy trucks for replacing Praga V3S

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

This November the Army of the Czech Republic received a batch of 12 Tatra T-815 8×8 PRAM heavy trucks with an armoured double cab.

The new Tatra T-815 heavy trucks vehicles are equipped with full ballistic protection and mine/improvised explosive device blast-resistant forward crew compartments.

71th Mechanized Battalion is the first unit of the Czech Army, which took over 12 new Tatra-815 8×8 PRAMs for replaced Praga V3S trucks. The Tatra Trucks T-815 8×8 heavy truck platforms will serve as transporters for 81 mm mortar crews, their weapons, ammunition, and other equipment.

Praha V3S truck
Praga V3S truck

The new truck is a member of the TATRA FORCE family, heavy-duty vehicles designed for rough terrain, difficult climatic and environmental conditions.

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The 8×8 all-wheel drive chassis employs independent suspension and backbone tube frame, unique characteristics of the TATRA-concept chassis proven for more than 90 years. It allows each wheel to move independently, with improved steering, and maximum tire-to-ground contact, while featuring extreme resistance of the chassis against torsion and bending.

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This is provided by a solid 3D frame which also protects all driveline components against impacts, dust, and humidity. Low maintenance costs and service-free design.

Armoured double cabin (4 doors) COE type tiltable with up to 5 attenuating seats, complies with ballistic and anti-mine protection per STANAG 4569.

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