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«Derivation» new Russian infantry fighting vehicle with 57 mm gun

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Concern “Tractor plants” shown at the exhibition RAE-2015* in Nizhny Tagil, new versions of the BMP-3, equipped with remote-controlled weapon stations.

The  BMP-3 «Derivation» – Russian infantry fighting vehicle with 57 mm gun in order to increase fire power of motorized rifled and infantry units, reported

The new  Automatic Weapon Station main armament can also be used to accomplish air defense missions thus expanding combat flexibility of armored combat vehicles.

The FCS controls the operations of target detection and identification, gun laying and firing of the 57mm automatic gun and 7.62mm machine-gun when firing from a halt, on the move and on the float in any combat enviroment.

The FCS is equipped with a sight unit, comprising a combined sight with thermal-imaging and TV channels, a laser-finder and independent dual-axis field of view stabilization.


Updated BMP-3 aimed at ensuring export to UAE, Kuwait, Venezuela and Azerbaijan.

*Russia Arms Expo 2015 – international exhibition of armaments and equipment. Consistently since 1999, held in Nizhny Tagil. 


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