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Dramatic footage shows dangerous landing of Indian military helicopter

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

A short video, made by Asif Mughal and captured an incredible moment of Indian military helicopter dangerous landing, is reached one million views.

The 25-second video, which was posted on the TikTok social media app, shows the moment of a Mi-8 medium twin-turbine helicopter of Indian Air Force took down a tent structure during landing.

A piece of tent took off and began to fly towards the helicopter, the Mi-8 crew tried to get away from the collision, but a piece of tent hit the main rotor. After the collision, the helicopter quickly landed.

The entire episode didn’t appear to cause any injuries from the looks of it.

The Mi-8 helicopters, named Pratap by the Air Force, phased out of Indian Air Force in 2017. Soviet-era multi-utility Mi-8 helicopter now is replacing by the newest version of legendary helicopter, called the Mi-175V5.

Mi-8 at Aero India 2011. Photo by Pritishp333

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