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First two ARES vehicles were formally delivered to British Army

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The British Army has formally inducted the ARES light tracked armoured personnel carriers, according to General Dynamics UK report.

General Dynamics United Kingdom (General Dynamics UK) has announced that the first two ARES troops carriers were formally delivered to the British Army following the successful completion of General Acceptance Testing.

The vehicles will be used initially by the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) team in Bovington for training purposes.

ARES will be used to deliver and support specialist troops across the battlefield to enable organic combined arms manoeuvre at the lowest tactical level, alongside AJAX-equipped troops.

In service, ARES will provide safe transportation of fully-equipped soldiers in a well-protected environment. On dismount, troops will be able to more effectively conduct a variety of tasks, such as dismounted surveillance (including patrols), observation posts and close target reconnaissance.

Lethality is provided via a Remote Weapon System, which provides a self-defencecapability  that can be fired on the move, under armour.

ARES also provides the Common Base Platform flexibility that can be adapted for other roles, such as Engineer Reconnaissance and Command and Control.

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