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FNSS presents its new vehicle KAPLAN-20

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

FNSS presents its new vehicle Kaplan (Tiger) at IDEF 15

FNSS Defence Systems Inc. proudly presents KAPLAN-20 NG-AFV, the latest member of its
New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicles, designed to meet the tactical and technical
requirements of the armed forces of Turkey well as those of friendly and allied countries.
KAPLAN-20 brings together various innovations in its class thanks to the experience gained
from the 3000 of our tracked armoured vehicles that are currently in service with various
armies around the world, our field experience of 25 years and the more than 200
specialised engineers.

KAPLAN-20, whose IPRs completely belong to FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. (Defence
Systems Inc.), is being exhibited for the first time at the 12th International Defence
Industry Fair, IDEF’15.

The vehicles architecture which contains protection systems against mines, rocket
propelled grenades and kinetic energy threats. In addition up to date electronic
subsystems are also integrated together with high performance power pack, heavy duty
suspension and tracks which enables the vehicle to carry heavy loads such as 105mm gun

KAPLAN-20 is a new generation armoured fighting vehicle that has the ability to move
together with main battle tanks, has a 22-25 hp/tonne power-to-weight ratio, which takes
into account the weight of the communication system and the automatic transmission.
KAPLAN-20 has a low silhouette, and with its twin 6 road wheeled tracks, has the ability
operate in hot/cold weather conditions at high speed not only on asphalt and stabilised
highways, but also in soft soil, muddy and rough terrains. The advanced suspension
system, tracks has been designed to reduce vibration and increase road holding. Access to
the vehicle is gained through a personnel door on the ramp or the hydraulic ramp located
at the rear of the vehicle. On the top, there is a wide hatch for personnel and another
hatch that has been specifically designed to maximise the driver’s field of view. The
maintenance and repair of the power pack are performed via the cabin access hatch and
hatches that are at the front of the vehicle. The two fuel tanks are located at the rear for
balance and are fully-armoured and isolated from the vehicle to ensure the security of

KAPLAN-20 is one of the very few vehicles that have amphibious characteristics. Thanks to
the two water propulsion systems located at the rear of the vehicle, KAPLAN-20 can
perform in deep and water current rate. It can perform pivot turns in the water and even
move backwards. In addition to this, it allows the driver to enter the water without any


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