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French firm CEFA has developed a new bridge crossing boat Vedette F2

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

French firm CEFA has developed a new bridge crossing boat intended to replace the VEDETTE F1 currently fielded by engineering forces of the French Army (Armée de Terre). The new system called VEDETTE F2 is carried out and launched to water by a specifically developed towed trailer. The trailer is also able to recover the boat from water.

The Aluminum-made boat has displacement of 6 tons, length of 7.7 meters, width of 3.2 meters, payload of 600 kg, and a maximum autonomy of 8 hours and is manned by a crew of 2. The boat’s propulsion consists of two Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engines coupled to two water jets.

The marine Vedette F2 is a 7m (23 foot) support boat for armed and civilian security

  •  forces for the following operations:
  • Push-towing and towing
  • Navigation, decking and anchoring manoeuvres
  • Installing protection nets
  • Transporting materials and personnel,
  • Transporting materials and personnel,
  • Diving equipment implementation, etc.

The Vedette F2 is based on the concept of the German M-Boot. It has the same main advantages. Propulsion is made by 2 SCHOTTEL pump jets integrated into the hull and powered by 2 170 cv Deutz engines each for increased safety. This system allows the Vedette F2 to use all its power in just 50cm of water, whatever the climatic conditions (including ice). The Vedette quickly reaches 30 km/h (16 m/h).

The pump jets guarantee divers increased safety as regards the propellers.

The Vedette F2 is very easy to use. It is driven like a car or a jet ski.

It is put into the water with a support truck.

The Vedette F2 implements all the know-how of CEFA in the pump jets, hydraulic systems and command fields already used for the FCV. The Vedette F2 customer is therefore sure to receive the best possible logistics support.


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