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IDEF 2015: Aselsan displays laser-Igla concept

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

A new laser concept demonstrator is on show from Aselsan at the IDEF exhibition in Istanbul that merges the Igla missile launching system with a direct energy weapon.

A spokesperson from Aselsan told Shephard that it was just the beginning of a ten-year roadmap that will see the development of a hybrid system based on the demonstrator.

The idea behind it is to begin with a system for naval platforms first because the power requirements will be high and the associated space and weight requirements for the powerpack can only be sustained on a ship or boat.

Aselsan will then move on towards a land-based system after that. The demonstrator effort is entirely company funded and the spokesperson said they had been working on it for a few years.

The direct energy part of the weapon replaces one of the Igla-S missile launcher modules on the short-range air defence system but retains the specifications and sensors.

Igla has infra-red and TV cameras; a laser range finder; and fire control computer for turret slewing, target tracking and target recognition. It has a IFF sub-system interface and it can be controlled from a unit more than 50m away from its host vehicle.

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