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In Ukraine Showed a New Military Transport Aircraft An-178

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

In Ukraine showed a new military transport aircraft An-178.  An-178 cargo variant of Antonov An-148  is a regional jet aircraft designed by the Ukrainian Antonov company , with a payload capacity of 15 tons.

The experience in design, construction, and operation of transport aircraft in combination with innovative aviation technologies are embodied in a new freighter AN-178 developed by ANTONOV. This advanced aircraft will replace the AN-12. It will carry cargo weighing up to 18 tons and operate at the same airfields as the AN-12 including unpaved ones. It has a more spacious, fully pressurized cargo compartment, where maritime containers and IATA containers can be placed. The AN-178 will be equipped with digital avionics, “glass” cockpit, and two jet engines.

President and Chief Designer of Antonov State Enterprise Dmytro Kiva told Interfax-AVN: “We see that there is a vacant segment of aircraft with a larger carrying capacity than our An-74 and Italy’s C-27 have, and less than the U.S. C-130 aircraft has. The segment is vacant. We want to occupy it with the An-178. We see that the aircraft of this class are in great demand”.

He said that comparing the An-178 and An-12, we could see that the cargo compartment of the new aircraft is larger. “However, it is airtight, unlike the compartment of the An-12. The fuel efficiency of the An-178 jet is better than the fuel efficiency of the An-12 with a turbo-prop engine. The An-178 will be integrated as much as possible. We’ll take the wing from the An-158, as well as the tail assembly. We have the engine and its thrust will be increased only for emergency situations. Only the fuselage behind the control cabin will be expanded and the center-section will be increased. The aircraft looks good. We want to fly it in 2014,” Kiva said.

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