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Indian defence technologies on display at Bahrain International Airshow

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

India to showcase during the Bahrain International Airshow  at Sakhir Airbase, Bahrain, its state-of-the-art airborne platforms and associated sensors and communication systems designed and developed by DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization, Ministry of Defence, Govt of India).

DRDO, along with some of its production partners is displaying India’s strength in advanced defence technology areas, with the aim of exploring the potential of exporting these advanced systems to friendly countries in the region.

At Bahrain International Airshow India  to showcase the new air defense systems and other defence technologies.

Indian Display in Bahrain 2 Indian Display in Bahrain 3 Indian Display in Bahrain 4 Indian Display in Bahrain 5 Indian Display in Bahrain 6 Indian Display in Bahrain 7 Indian Display in Bahrain 8

The scale down models of DRDO for the Bahrain International Airshow 2016 include:-

  • LCA Fighter, LCA Navy, LCA Trainer
  • NAG: Anti-Tank Guided Missile
  • HELINA: Helicopter Launched NAG Missile
  • AKASH: Surface to Air Missile System
  • HMS-X2: Compact Hull Mounted Sonar
  • ATDS-X: Advanced Torpedo Defence System
  • UWACS Micro: UWACS Test System & Simulator
  • UWACS Triton: Underwater Communication System
  • HUMTAS-X: Hull Mounted Torpedo Alert System
  • LFDS-X: Low Frequency Dunking Sonar
  • AEW&C: Air Borne Early Warning and Control System
  • ASLESHA: 3D Low Level Light Weight Radar
  • BHARANI: 2D Low Level Light Weight Radar
  • BFSR: Battle Field Surveillance Radar

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