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Iran buys Russian AK-103 Kalashnikov assault rifles

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Iranian Armed Forces has signed contracts with Kalashnikov Group for the delivery of Russian AK-103  assault rifles.

Iran imported AK-103’s from Russia, a modern generation of Kalashnikov assault rifles with 30-round magazines, that reported by

The AK-103 is a full-size assault rifle. It is chambered for 7.62×39 mm ammunition. It is the original ammunition that is used by the older AK-47 and AKM assault riffles. The 7.62×39 mm ammunition has superior penetration and stopping power comparing with NATO 5.56×45 mm or Soviet 5.45×39 mm ammo.

So some soldiers prefer this caliber. Some models of this weapon have a 3-round burst capability. The AK-103 is compatible with magazines of the older AK-47 and AKM assault rifles. The AK-103 has been adopted by Russian special law enforcement groups. This assault rifle has been supplied to Libya, Pakistan and Venezuela. The AK-103 is license-produced in Ethiopia, Venezuela and Vietnam.

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