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Iran receives new batch of Russian S-300 air defense systems

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Iran receives new batch of Russian  S-300 air defense systems. On the road was spotted the new 30N6E2 multifunctional illumination and guidanceradar (x-band).

The first battalion was shown off by the Iranian military at the National Army Day parade in Tehran on April 17, six days after the receipt of the system.

According to the original contract, Moscow and Tehran signed for the delivery of five battalion sets of S-300 PMU1 air defense missile systems in 2007.

The S-300PMU1 mobile multichannel ADMS is designed to provide highly efficient defense for the most important political, administrative, economic, and military facilities against air attacks; attacks by strategic cruise, air ballistic, tactical, and theater ballistic missiles and other air offense systems in difficult tactical environments and in situations with heavy radio jamming.

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