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Iranian S-300 air defense missile systems will put on combat duty in 2017

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

According Newsletter «TTU» in the material «S-300 iraniens», S-300PMU-2 anti-aircraft missile systems  supplied from Russia, is still unfit for action.

The S-300PMU-2 anti-aircraft missile defense systems will put on combat duty not earlier 2017  to protect the airspace over Iran.

According to the commander of the base Fatam al-Anbiya Iranian General Farzad Esmaeli, the put on combat duty of the complex will be completed by the end of the Iranian year (20 March 2017).

The S-300PMU2 Favorit system, later redesignated SA-20B Gargoyle, is the last of the Almaz S-300P variants to carry the S-300P designation. Developed between 1995 and 1997, it was intended to compete directly against the Antey S-300V and Patriot PAC-2/3 systems as an Anti-Ballistic Missile system, while retaining the long range SAM capabilities of its predecessor S-300P variants.

The Favorit incorporates incrementally upgraded 30N6E2 Tomb Stone, NIIIP 64N6E2 Big Bird radars and a 54K6E2 command post, and the LEMZ 96L6E as its early warning and primary acquisition system, replacing the 36D6/ST-68UM Tin Shield and LEMZ 76N6E Clam Shell. While the system retains compatibility with earlier 48N6 missiles, a new extended 108 nautical mile range 46N6E2 missile was added.

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