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Iraq’s soldiers using Taiwanese-made RAYSUN MD1 counter drone system in Iraq

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Iraqi soldiers are using modern RAYSUN MD1 counter drone system in Iraq. The Anti-UAV defence system developed by Jiun-An Technology Co., Ltd in Taiwan. The RAYSUN MD1 was spotted near Mosul in Iraq.

The RAYSUN MD1 is a counter drone system that is designed to disrupt and neutralise unmanned aerial vehicles unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The shoulder rifle can interfere with radio frequency of the drone within 3 seconds to trick it into believing it’s out of range of the owner, then the drone is programmed to either return to the owner, make a controlled descent, or fall out of the sky.The device allows to control ISM or GPS signal individually, for example, the user can only cut down ISM signal while keep GPS working to track the UAV owner’s position and destroy it.

The RAYSUN MD1 MD1 UAV jammer can work 24h and carry out the mission at any time by using with the thermal scope.

  • Length 116 cm x 33 cm x 190 cm
  • Weight Less than 6 Kg (Include battery、 full set)
  • Voltage DC 24V
  • Battery Capacity 6400 m/Ah
  • Operational temperature -10degree~55degree
  • Relative humidity 95%
  • Protection Class IP33
  • Operation time 60mins
  • Battery Charge time  4hours
  • Frequency range 1560~1600GHz / 2395~2490GHz / 5710~5920GHz
  • Beam width (range) ±15degree
  • Output Power 20W(GPS、 2.4G) 3W(5.8G)
  • Antenna output power 12~15 dBi
  • Effective range more than 1100 meter

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