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Israel expected to buy upgraded version of the F-15 Fighter aircraft

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Israel is expected to make a decision over the purchase of a squadron of an upgraded version of the F-15 Fighter aircraft,  The Times of Israel reported on 28 July.

The Israeli Air Force would receive newest F-15 fighter jets as part of the largest-ever acquisition in an $11 billion deal.

The deal appears set to include a squadron of F-15 fighter jets with upgraded stealth features, a squadron of cargo helicopters and aerial refueling planes, according to a report in the Israel Hayom daily.

The new version of the fighter jet to be dubbed IA for “Israel Advanced” and would be an upgraded version of the F-15 aircraft that would include certain stealth capabilities, such as radar-absorbing paint and internal weapons carriage.

A navigation pod will also be fitted to the aircraft providing it with all-weather and night-attack capabilities. The aircraft will also feature advanced electronic equipment including digital electronic warfare system and active electronically scanned array radar.

The purchase will be funded from US military aid money, which comes to some $3.8 billion annually.

According to military officials, also will be acquiring CH-47 Chinook, V-22 Osprey helicopters, and refueling planes.

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