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Italy Sends four AMX fighters to Sicily over concerns with the situation in Libya

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Italy’s Defense Ministry has ordered the deployment of four AMX fighter aircraft and one Predator drone to its Birgi base near Trapani. The fighters are backup by a Predator drone.

Trapani is home to the Italian Air Force’s 37th Wing and a forward operating base (FOB) for NATO AWACS.

According to the statement, “the decision was taken following the recent developments in the area of the countries of North Africa and the consequent deterioration of the security conditions.”

The decision, the statement added, was part of the Italian government’s strategy in the Mediterranean to “protect national interests” and ensure “coherent levels of security.”

The AMX fighter-bomber aircraft is in service with the air forces of Brazil, Italy. The first AMX aircraft was delivered to the Italian Air Force in January 1989 and to the Brazilian Air Force in 1990. Production involved assembly lines in Italy and Brazil. Deliveries to Italy and Brazil concluded in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

In total, 192 aircraft, 155 single-seater and 37 AMX-T two-seater, were delivered to Italy (110 AMX, 26 AMX-T) and Brazil (79 AMX, 15 AMX-T).

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