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Jordan self-propelled 105mm on a 4×4 wheeled vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The self-propelled 105mm gun is developed utilizing the 105mm towed howitzer (M102) design by King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB).

The gun system is mounted on a 4×4 wheeled vehicle to enhance gun mobility it is intended for use by infantry, special operations forces and as artillery support for border security forces.


  • Inventively designed and integrated self-propelled howitzer on a wheeled platform.
  • Outstanding performance in delivering firepower.
  • “Shoot & Scoot “capability by decreasing time needed to be in and out of action and by easily transporting the gun between defense posts.
  • Efficient and accurate electrohydraulic gun laying mechanism with manual back up.
  • Quick response capability with onboard crew and 36 rounds of ready ammunition.
  • Effective local protection armed with 7.62 mm machine gun or 12.7 mm machine gun.


Caliber (mm) 105
Total length OTM (On The Move) (LxWxH) (m) 7.5x3x3.7
G.V.W (kg) 11.2
Elevation -5° (-85 mils) to 75° (1 275 mils)
Traverse (without moving the vehicle) 45° (800mils) Right & 45°(800mils) Left
Maximum firing range (m) 11,500
Rate of fire 10 rounds/min (first 3 min.) 3 rounds/ min (average)
Onboard ammunition 36 shells
Maximum Travel Speed (OTM) (KM/h) 125
Fuel capacity (Ltr) 200
Number of Crew (with driver) 3 + 1





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