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Kazakhstan holds Combat Commonwealth 2017 joint air defence exercise

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

An active phase of the Combat Commonwealth 2017 CIS joint air defence exercise took place on September at the Saryshagan range in the Karaganda region.

The active phase of the exercises was attended by the leadership of the Ministry of Defenсe of the Republic of Kazakhstan and representatives of military delegations of foreign countries.

Within the framework of the exercises, the Air Force pilots of Kazakhstan carried out flights with the combat use of aviation weapons. In the course of the exercise, a wide range of weapons was used, in particular, guided air-to-air missiles of small, medium and long range, air-to-surface, as well as aircraft bombs and unguided rockets of various calibres.

The Su-30SM multitask fighters, MiG-31, Su-27, MiG-29, and helicopters Mi-35M and Mi-171Sh are used in the drills. Combat calculations of the air defence forces carried out launches of anti-aircraft missile systems S-300, S-200, S-125, S-75 “Cube” and “Krug” on air targets.

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