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Large military operation of Saudi Arabia in Shiite town of Awamiya

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Security forces have seized a huge cache of weapons, including machine-guns, at an agricultural farm in Awamiya, Qatif, the Interior Ministry announced on Wednesday through its Twitter account.

An AFP report, quoting a resident, said the police sealed off the area with armored vehicles. The resident said he saw black smoke rising over a farm when police moved in mid-afternoon. He added that he heard heavy, periodic gunfire.

In an unrelated incident on Monday, a Saudi citizen in his 20s was found dead inside his car on a road in Qudah town in Qatif.

Col. Ziad Al-Ruqaiti, spokesman of the Eastern Province police, said that information on the incident was received from the Qatif Central Hospital. “The hospital sent an ambulance to the area. After a preliminary investigation, it was found that the victim suffered gunshot wounds,” he said.

He added the victim’s car appeared to have stalled on one of the roads of the town and a gun was found beside the body.

Al-Ruqaiti did not elaborate on who could have killed the victim.

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