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Light Armoured Vehicle based on the LAV 6.0 chassis arrives in Australia

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Thales Australia’s Bendigo facility is currently playing host to a new vehicle, with the recent arrival of General Dynamics Land Systems’ LAV(CRV) on site.
For the next few weeks, the home of the Bushmaster and Hawkei will also be the home of the GDLS contender to be the Army’s next Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle under the LAND 400 program.

The Light Armoured Vehicle (Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle) offering is based on the MOTS LAV 6.0 chassis as currently being delivered to the Canadian Armed Forces and the 30mm Kongsberg remote turret as contracted by the US Army for integration on their LAV Stryker 8×8 vehicles.

The LAV(CRV) offering will draw upon the extensive experience GDLS and Thales have in the design, manufacture and support of armoured vehicles and provide significant manufacturing, integration and support opportunities for Australian Industry.

General Dynamics vehicle arrives in Bendigo (с)
General Dynamics vehicle arrives in Bendigo (с)

The LAV(CRV) will feature the same integrated computer systems that have been developed in Australia and used in the Hawkei. Combined with class-leading protection and firepower capabilities, this delivers a clear advantage on the battlefield and superior protection for Australian troops.

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