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Mi-17 military transport helicopter shot down in east Libya

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

A Dignity Operation helicopter was shot down in east Libya on Sunday, Defend Benghazi Brigades (DBB) reported.

The LNA, however, says that the helicopter, a Mi-17 gunship, crashed as a result of a technical failure.  The four-member crew are reported to have been killed, but there is also confusion as to who they were.

LNA sources say all were Libyans. The BDB’s media outlet, BoshraNews, claims two were foreigners.

The incident comes after police and security forces last night arrested an undisclosed number of people in Gemenis and Soloug, accusing them of collaborating with the BDB.

DBB official news outlet Boshra said the Mi-35 attack helicopter was shot down by a SA-7 shoulder-fired missile near Al-Magrun village, 70km west of Benghazi. 4 crew members including 2 Libyans and 2 foreigners were killed, it added.


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