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Mitsubishi is offering a multipurpose wheeled 8×8 armoured vehicle

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Mitsubishi is offering a multipurpose wheeled 8×8 armoured vehicle at Eurosatory in what represents the first real push by Japan into military exports.

An APC variant model of the vehicle was shown on the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) stand but there are also medical evacuation, and command and control (C2) versions on offer as well.

The APC vehicle is the most outwardly militaristic Japanese export product available and there was no sign of any offensive combat variants. Most other company offerings in the Japanese booth area included uniforms and non-combat equipment.

It is likely that the new vehicle is based on the 8×8 Manoeuvre Combat Vehicle (MCV) that was developed by Japan’s Technical Research and Development Institute and manufactured by MHI. Testing is schedule for 2014-15 with entry into service in 2016.

On the MHI stand the model of the APC was fitted with bar armour and a remote weapon station (RWS) with .50cal gun. It has similar dimensions to the MCV chassis and a real size vehicle would be about 8m-long and 2.98m-wide with a height of about 2.8m and a GVW of 28t. The vehicle has a quoted empty weight of 18t so it offers a 10t payload capacity.

The engine is a MHI 4VA four cycle 4-cylinder diesel that can offer 400kW of power. The 8×8 is all-wheel drive and has independent, double wishbone or hydropneumatic suspension. The vehicle is fitted with 395/85R20 summer/winter tyres. It can achieve a maximum speed of more than 100km/h and has space for 11 personnel (three crew and eight troops).

The medical evacuation variant will be fitted with a compartment for injured troops and the C2 variant will have an additional C4I system, firing command control system, and a manoeuvre C2 system.

Additional options for the vehicle include mine protected seating, reactive armour on the sides and additional lightweight and anti-mine armour under the hull. The multipurpose vehicle can be fitted with or without the RWS.

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