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Mohafiz Armoured Security Vehicle

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The Mohafiz is an internal security vehicle designed and manufactured at Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) in Pakistan based on the chassis of commercial vehicle.

Security Vehicle Mohafiz has been designed and manufactured by Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) on the chassis of a commercial vehicle Land Rover Defender 110. It has a welded Aluminium Armour hull along with Ballistic Steel with ricochet angles all round. The hull is protected against 7.62 mm bullet (NATO BALL) at point blank range. The vehicle has a rotating turret at the top thus facilitating all round control by the commander. The vehicle has bullet proof wind screens and run flat tyres.

Platform land rover defender
Bullet proof glasses
Run flat tyres
Seating capacity – 8 (2+6)
Firing ports – 10
Turret – rotating with firing ports
Protection level – B6

Fire extinguishers
Search light on turret
Fog lights on front bumper
Air conditioner (Front & Rear)
Cargo / firing hatch roof
Standard tool kit of land rover defender

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