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Most modern Russian Tu-214R spyplane escorted by Su-30SM spotted near Idlib

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The the most modern Russian Tu-214R  spyplane escorted by  Su-30SM fighter aircraft was spotted near Idlib Governorate in Syria.

Earlier Russian Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft arrived at Khmeimim airbase, southern Latakia, to control ground and air situation, and also boost the electronic warfare capability.

Tu-214R is a joint project between the Tupolev Public Joint Stock Company, Radio-Engineering Corporation Vega and a number of other enterprises of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, the Roscosmos State Corporation and the Almaz-Antey defense company.

The Russian Tu-214R is a state-of-the art plane based on the Tu-214 commercial transport aircraft which was modified under the codename ‘Project 141’ to replace the Ilyushin IL20M ELINT.


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