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NATO’s tanks fleet shows firepower near Russian border

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Battle Groups Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland participated in exercise Iron Tomahawk in the Camp Adazi Training Area outside Riga and near the Russian border.

According to officials of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia, this tank concentration showcased the firepower, interoperability, and lethality of heavy armour capability along its Eastern flank.

The soldiers with their battle tanks from Germany, Spain, Poland, U.K. and the U.S. took part in gunnery shoot-off between the enhanced Forward Presence nations at the military exercise Iron Tomahawk at Adazi Training Area, Latvia.

In exercises took part 17 tanks, included modern Abrams, Leopard-2, Challenger-2, and Polish PT-91 Twardy.

The Adazi Training Area an hour’s drive to the Russian border and Belarus, an ally of Moscow. Parts of the Adazi training grounds are also protected nature territories.

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