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Navantia offers SERT to Colombia to Modernize its Defense System Costs

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Navantia offers Surveillance Exploration Reconnaissance Targeting (SERT) system to Colombia to modernize its defense system costs. Navantia Systems has submitted to the Government of Colombia a proposal to modernize and increase the effectiveness of its coastal defense system. The proposition of the Spanish company goes through the latest version of System Exploration and Land Survey ( SERT ) and its advantage over any other similar device is mountable on any vehicle and even carried in a backpack.

However, the greatest advances of this tool are in millimeter positioning capability and technology of art navigation. Two features that allow you to adjust the direction of pull. The latest version of SERT was presented yesterday in Madrid as part of the fair defense and security Homsec 2015 .

The system SERT can carry out surveillance, target detection and identification in day/night and low visibility conditions. Thanks to its integrated positioning sensors, the SERT has the ability to geographically locate targets, with extraordinary precision in an automated process, thus reducing the mission’s duration and improving the observer’s efficiency.

Several countries have already shown their interest in the SERT system, reason why FIDAE will be the ideal show case for the delegations of these countries to have the opportunity of verifying its performances and wide range of applications. At the same time, Sistemas FABA will contact local industries for joint collaboration in the adaptation of the SERT system on board existing vehicles of the Latin American Armed Forces.

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