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New Armored personel Cars for the Colombian Army

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Last week the Minister of Defense of Colombia, Juan carlos Pinzon, made the presentation of the continue modernizing and transforming to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow for the Colombian Military.

An example of this is just seen in the Canton of Buenavista, (La Guajira), where the Ministry of National Defense and the Army presented the new APC 8×8. The 32 vehicles built in Canada, were purchased at a cost of $ 84 million through the project of transforming the Military implemented by the Ministry of National Defense. 30 years ago the country did not acquire this type of cars.

“These equipment and other capabilities that we have acquired and continue to come are a sign of modernization and transformation of our Military. We dream and we are doing really modern and strong for the future in Colombia Forces, “said Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon during the official presentation of the vehicles 8 x 8, held during activation of the Combined Arms Medium Task Force (Futam) of the National Army in Canton Buenavista.

This new tactical unit, whose commander is Col. Fernando Farfán Enrique Castro, will be based in La Guajira.

“The Colombian Military are now stronger, more capable, more modern and capable of facing the challenges of the present and the near future jabbed Pinzon, Our forces are the most important tool of the Colombian people for dreams of progress and a great future are possible; history has taught us to do more and better things, have learned to change, to adapt to new challenges “.

8 x 8 vehicles will be in the north of the country. They are suitable to carry 11 fully equipped soldiers and feature digital remote control system from the inside to power the weapons and mine system and energy absorption edge.

“In recent years we have seen how our forces have increased their capabilities in all aspects; today as evidence for the whole country and especially for those who are living this historic moment here we see that our Army, for example, has acquired some tanks that should ensure the safety, peace, tranquility, protection of infrastructure , protection of natural resources and of course the defense of the Constitution, “he said Finch.




Pictures CREDITS: Javier Casella / Mindefensa….

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