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New automatic grenade launcher being developed in Poland

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The Institute of Precision Mechanics has worked with the Jakusz company to develop to replace for 40 mm Mk.19 belt-fed automatic grenade launcher.

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The Polish Army currently has one type of automatic 40mm grenade launchers. It was still developed in the 1960s by the American Mk.19. The third generation weapon, designated “Mod 3”, was purchased in 2007 as an emergency operating need, in connection with missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Polish soldiers have about 200 Mk.19 grenade launchers.

The Institute of Precision Mechanics with the Jakusz company is developing a new LGA-40 automatic grenade launcher. The LGA-40 already passed some tests at one of the military training grounds at the end of last year.

The main advantage of the new weapon is its much lower weight 21 kg compared to 35kg of Mk.19 and a higher rate of fire due to the specially developed firing chamber. The LGA-40 can launch its grenade at a maximum distance of 2,200 meters. It fires 40×53 mm grenades at a cyclic rate of 450 rounds per minute.

The new grenade launcher can be installed on a special unmanned platform for intended to perform a variety of tasks in complex urban environments.

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