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New Belarus’s missile can reach over 280 kilometers

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

Belarus unveiled a new version of missiles for Polonez multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) at the MILEX 2017exibition.

The Belarus’s Army and Precision Electromechanics Factory (Zavoda Tochnoy Elektromekhaniki) in Dzerzhinsk are working on a new tactical missile capable of reaching enemy targets as far as 280 kilometers away. The mock-up of new missiles was unveiled during MILEX 2017.

According to the official source, the new missiles or rockets has a range of 280 km, a warhead of 480 kg compared to the just ~ 150 kg from the base version of 300-mm rockets.

The Polonez is a new Belarusian multiple launch rocket system. It was developed to replace Soviet 220-mm Uragan and 300-mm Smerch artillery rocket systems. It is likely that development of the Polonez was assisted by China.

MRLS Polonez is designed to deliver strikes against enemy personnel in the open and in shelters as well as unarmored and armored fighting vehicles and special vehicles, artillery units, missile systems and air defense missile systems, aircraft at airfields.

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