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New Chinese Type-96B tank just broke down at «Tank biathlon» competition

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

An indigenously built Chinese Type-96B battle tank (a new tank in the Type-96 family) just broke down on the  «Tank biathlon» competition at Alabino training field in Russia.

The Type-96B (also named ZTZ-96B) main battle tank unfortunately for the Chinese military, one just broke down on the «Tank biathlon» mechanized military sports competition  developed by the Russian Military.

After passing through the obstacles the Chinese tank lost track support rollers (item tracks, which is a mobile support for the tank). Chinese team quickly replaced the vehicle with the spare, but because of this is one penalty was accrued.

The PLA sent several Type-96B tanks to take part in the tank competition, the most watched part of the Russia-hosted International Army Games.

“The Type-96B is the strongest variant of the Type-96 family and is truly an advanced, third-generation main battle tank,” Gao Zhuo, a Shanghai-based military analyst, told state-controlled China Daily newspaper.

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