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New Griffon VBMR 6×6 armoured vehicle spotted during prepare for EUROSATORY 16

Posted by Dylan Malyasov on

The new Griffon VBMR 6×6  armoured vehicle was spotted during prepare for  EUROSATORY 2016 exhibition.

THEATRUM BELLI published a photo of a new Griffon VBMR 6×6 multi-role armoured vehicle  for the French Army under the program EBMR Scorpion (Engin Blindé Multi-Rôle – Armoured Multi-roles Vehicles).

The Griffon  fitted with a remote weapon system, armed a 12.7mm/7.62mm heavy machine gun or an 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Such equipment is used on modern military vehicles, as it allows a gunner to remain in the relative protection of the vehicle.

Under the EBMR contract, the Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle GRIFFON will replace the VAB 4×4 armoured personnel carrier currently in service with the French Army. The EBMR program includes the delivery of 1,722 Griffon to the French Army which could be started in 2018. A total of 780 vehicles expected to be delivered until 2025. The main role of the Griffon VBMR is to provide the French Army with a new armoured personnel carrier with high level of protection and mobility.

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